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4 Brilliant Podcasts To Get You Through The Morning Commute


The Broad Experience

The Broad Experience Podcast

A 20-minute podcast hosted by Ashley Milne-Tyte, The Broad Experience tackles some of the big issues facing women in the workplace. Exploring everything from race and class to being a professional woman without kids, the difficulty of delegating, and sexual harassment.

With episodes like ‘Will They Still Like Me? The Power of Negotiation’ and ‘The Hell of Networking’, The Broad Experience was listed in The Guardian’s 10 best lesser known podcasts list.

Check out this episode on ‘Saying No to Office Houswork’. What counts as office housework? Ordering lunch, clearing up after a meeting, sending out meeting notes. But it’s also the less obvious things, such as taking part in committees or mentoring, things that an organization needs to get done (or be seen to get done), and that women disproportionately take on.


Badass Women’s Hour

Badass Women's Hour Podcast

The Badass Women’s Hour is an award winning radio show (on Talk Radio) which has spun off its best bits into a podcast aiming to reflect the conversations women have over drinks or across the dinner table.

‘As friends we knew these conversations were happening but we didn’t see them reflected in the media, so we set out to change that. We want to share insight, opinions and lessons-learnt with as many women as we can (and some men too), bringing a bit of Badass to their daily lives’.

Episodes include ‘Periods, Rejection and Balls Ups with Gabby Edlin & Meredith’ – making macarons that look like tampons to raise awareness of the need for free sanitary products for women, ‘Women in Property’ (how to make millions) and affecting stories of ‘Everyday Racism’.

Broad content range, bold opinions and informative, interesting discussions.

Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Eat Sleep Work Repeat Podcast

How can we be happier and more energised at work? Each week host Bruce Daisley chats to scientists and experts to ‘make our jobs better’.

Sometimes serious, sometimes irreverent, topics range from ‘Making Work More Stimulating with Side Hustles’, (Author Emma Gannon on figuring out what you’re good at while getting paid in your full time job), ‘LOL’s – How to Bring More Laughs to the Office’ (a discussion on the scientific benefits of laughter), and ‘Are the Robots Taking Over?’ (probably).


The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty Feminist Podcast

Ever felt like you should be ‘better’ at being a feminist?

Since its launch in December 2015, The Guilty Feminist has become a standout success with well over 20 million downloads. Every week comedian Deborah Frances-White and her guests discuss topics “all 21st century feminists agree on” while confessing the insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that undermine their lofty principles.

Guests have included top comedians such as Sarah Millican, Sara Pascoe, Andi Osho, Susan Calman and Hannah Gadsby as well as TV and movie stars such as Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Roisin Conaty, Clémence Poésy, Gemma Arterton and Sharon Horgan plus activists and experts including MPs, campaigners, novelists and scientists.

Often rambling but always hilarious: it’s worth a listen if you need a bit of cheering up.


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