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5 Side Hustles You Can Get Started On Today

With almost a quarter of the female Millennial population of Ireland defining themselves as a slashie – having a multi-hyphenate career – side hustles are increasingly becoming the norm.


When Stellar Magazine polled its readers on Twitter, 24% of respondents said they have more than one job, with 3% claiming to have three.

But they also pointed out that many women don’t seek second jobs for the sole purpose of earning extra cash. Many take on side hustles in order to build something for their future. Sideline work provides the opportunity for workers to hone new skills, and is also a low risk way to explore different career paths.

As FSTVLR & YAY Cork co-founder Katie Mythen Lynch told The Daily Slog, having a side hustle has made her happier and more confident. For this sort of lifestyle to work, however, you need to be comfortable with having a full schedule. If you are toying with the idea of starting a side hustle yourself, here are some options to consider.


1. Graphic Design

Visual communication is a key part of the digital marketing industry. After all, tons of research has proven higher rates of user engagement when presented with strong visual images.

MobileMonkey’s CEO Larry Kim shares some of these insights stating that 84% of communications are predicted to be visual by the end of this year, which explains the increasing demand for graphic designers.

Many companies are in need of infographics, illustrations, and manipulated images to supply their content marketing strategies. If you have a talent for graphic design, this could make a great side hustle. It pays well and you can earn around €20 per hour, depending on the project.


2. Proofreading

If you have a sharp eye for detail, you may want to utilise this skill in a freelance proofreading job which could earn between €10 – €25 per hour depending on your experience.

Proofreaders are usually tasked with checking documents or articles and marking grammar changes where appropriate. Essentially, you are responsible for improving the flow of the language used.


3. Web Development

Know anything about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Then web development can be a great second job. You can help various startups build their first websites, or improve existing web applications for established companies.

What’s also beneficial is that there are many online resources you can refer to if you want to learn more about programming.

Web developers and other tech jobs are known to have high salaries, so even freelance projects can help you earn enough to pay a couple of months’ worth of bills. Depending on your skill set, you can charge anywhere between €15 – €40 per hour.


4. Social Media Marketing

Another trend in the marketing sphere is social media marketing. Browsing social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has already become part of our daily routines. That is why there is no better time to get into that business than now.

Social media marketing involves promoting a brand, product, or service through social media platforms. Usually, these apps have dedicated tools for businesses.

For instance, marketers heavily utilise Facebook’s ads manager to create engaging ads and serve them to their intended audience. With the job being online, you can do this side hustle from home or wherever you can get an internet connection.

As Ayima tells us in this blog post, Facebook recently released new features for their ads manager app, allowing marketers to create ads on their mobile devices. This makes it a lot easier to do this kind of job on the go. The rates for social media freelancers can be anywhere between €15 to €50 per hour, so why not give it a go?


5. Tutoring

Part-time teaching is also an option for those passionate enough to share their craft, or know a thing or two about standardised tests. Parents are eager for their children to pass their exams and enter good schools. That’s why they are willing to pay private tutors anywhere between €20 – €35 per hour.

One of the teaching jobs currently in demand is online English tutoring, which would give you the option to work within the confines of your own home, since you’ll be teaching students via video conferencing apps like Skype.

However, while you may be sure about your expertise and knowledge of a topic, your soft skills are just as importantas. That’s because the most effective teachers are those who have patience and good listening skills.

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