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5 Things You Need To Control To Be Happy

Sometimes it really does feel as if life is just doing its own thing. That we are just pawns in a bigger game. That we’re helpless and our paths are predetermined for us.
But if you want to be happier in life, if you want to be able to live a life you love, then you need to move past that idea and take back control.
You are in control of your own life. Of how you live it. Of how you choose to spend your time.


Even when it doesn’t feel like it, you are the one in control of your mind, your feelings, and your future. You make the choices and decisions that impact on your everyday life and how you feel.

And the moment you realise that, the stronger you will be.

We are not always aware that we can stop, we can stand back, and we can allow ourselves to live exactly how we want to live. Instead, we find ourselves constantly running on the hamster wheel, feeling as if we are a victim of circumstance.

 So let’s consider the key areas of our lives that we can consciously take control of. 


Your Mindset

It is a very difficult thing to break free from old negative thought patterns that we have likely nurtured for most of our lives. But wouldn’t it be nice to stop hearing that negative little voice in our heads and hear from someone positive and uplifting instead? 

The best way to overcome negative thought patterns is to be conscious that you are experiencing them, so the next time you find yourself falling into that pattern try this –  immediately replace the negative thought with a positive one. Consciously doing this on repeat will help it to become second nature.  



If you are surrounded by negative people, their outlook will creep into your own mindset and how you feel about life. If you always come away from meeting with one particular friend or family member feeling down or frustrated then try to consciously limit the time you spend in their company. 

Of course it’s not always possible, but distance yourself from negative situations as much as possible. If there is a bitchy, negative conversation going on in the office it is your decision whether or not to get involved, and I can guarantee it will feel better to remove yourself from the situation.   



Whether it’s work-related stress, anxiety, or something that has happened as a result of a life experience, always remember that there are things you can do to gain control of the situation. 

Managing your mind is hard, yes. But sometimes, you need to make a physical change in order to reduce your stress levels – whether that’s a change of role, saying no to a project, or simply getting out of the office for some fresh air and to clear your mind.

So work out what your triggers are, and start to implement some small daily changes that have a positive impact on your stress levels.


Your Body

Sure, you can get sick. And sometimes there’s nothing you can do about that. But if you’re getting sick because you are not looking after your body, or you’re living an unhealthy lifestyle, then you need to have an honest conversation with yourself about why that is and how you can make a change.

Recent research has shown that mothers taking time for self-care has positive outcomes for children – so shake off the guilt of taking time for you and book a massage, go to an exercise class, get your nails done. Whatever it is that makes you feel better and shows your body some self-care.

If you’re time-strapped there are things you can do to make your life easier. Glissed offers in-home or in-office hair and beauty appointments, or find an approved online pharmacy that can become your go-to.

If you want to be in control of your health, it’s time to control your diet and exercise too.


Your Future

If you want a certain kind of future, or have always dreamed of a certain job, a certain lifestyle, then the only way to get there is to take the first step. There is only one way to find out if that pipe dream could become a reality and that is to get started.

Your future IS within your control. Start by setting out the big goal and then work backwards to figure out the steps you need to take to get there. Think of where you were two or four years ago – little actions you took then have brought you to where you are now. What small step could you take today to get to where you want to be in another two years time?

Set out your intentions and get to work on it today.


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