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A Day in the Career Of… Roisin O, Singer, Songwriter

“Roisin O sings like she is like she’s telling you absolutely everything that’s inside her. Her voice is wracked with yearning and distress.”
Daughter of Irish singing legend Mary Black, and sister of The Corona’s frontman, Danny O’ Reilly, Roisin O comes from a stellar music family but has a style that’s all her own: one she has described as ‘folk but with a lot more darkness and grit’.

What time do you usually get up and how do you start your day?

It depends on the day. If I’m gigging I won’t get to bed till quite late and my working day won’t start till about 4pm so morning time will be my chill out time. When I’m not gigging I’ll be writing or in studio time which would start around 10am.


Take us on a jaunt through your career to date – how did you first break into the music industry and was there a turning point you can attribute to your success?

I recorded my first album in 2012 and everything has really grown from that point. There were a few milestones that I became known for like the cover I did of Chandelier in Today FM. Another one was the release of my first big single ‘Give It Up’.


Roisin O Danny O Reilly


We think of the music industry as a glamorous one but is that really the case? What is your daily routine for writing and producing and where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

It’s definitely not always glamourous. Hard work starts with songwriting and sometimes it’s hard when you’re not inspired or have writers block. It’s really important to make yourself do it and not just write when you’re feeling inspired. I wouldn’t get much done if I did that.

I have a great writing partner John Broe who I’ve been writing with for the last three years. Having someone in the room with me really pushes me to work harder. I wouldn’t have an exact routine but often times I find the best inspiration happens in the evening and late at night.


How do you motivate yourself on days when your energy levels are lower?

Listening to music that I love helps sometimes. Working with other people like John, who is really motivated, helps too. Sometimes you can’t push it and you need to recognise when you need a break and when you are able to push through the block.


What’s the best bit of advice you have been given in your career?

It won’t come easy, so if you want it keep working at it. And remember to celebrate the small victories.


What advice would you give to other women breaking into the music industry?

Meet like minded people to collaborate or work with. Get a manager on your side that you trust. If you love it, keep doing it.


How do you relax & de-stress at the end of the day and during difficult periods?

I love going to the movies. Or staying in and watching Netflix. Sci-fi movies, crime documentaries or Game of Thrones are the best.


Roisin O’s new single, Warn Me Of Silence is available to download on iTunes now


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