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Anna Daly: From Live TV To Lifestyle Blogging – How I Make It Work

Anna Daly is a master multi-tasker.
Mother to three, live TV presenter from Thursday to Sunday and now lifestyle blogger, she talks to The Daily Slog about a typical day of juggling commitments, whilst finding pockets of time to escape the mundane.


What time do you usually get up and how do you start your day?

My day starts, whether I want it to or not, at about 6.30am when my smallest little man (18 month old Rhys) makes the biggest noise that gets the whole house going. My first port of call is his bottle and my coffee. Both made simultaneously and without delay. It gets easier from there…!  Going to work at TV3 from Thursday to Sunday is a walk in the park by comparison!!


You’ve recently launched your own website – tell us what the site is all about and what your hopes are for it? is a lifestyle site where I get to ramble on about the things I love. From fashion to wine, travel to opinion pieces, I hope to give people like myself a place to go to escape from the mundane.

Maybe it’s a coffee break moment or sometime in the evening when they have the kids in bed and they fancy doing some shopping, I’d like to think it’s other peoples escape as well as my own. Sometimes aspirational, sometimes fun, but mostly real.


Anna Daly Fashion


How do you manage your time between hosting the Weekend AM breakfast show on TV3, and finding time to write for and commercialise your blog? 

Because the website has been free of targets or deadlines I’ve been able to tip away at it when it suits me and I find it hugely enjoyable. It doesn’t feel like work so I guess thats a positive.

Learning about website development, analytics, SEO, digital marketing etc has been fascinating for me. I studied marketing for four years but none of this was part of my course so its a whole new learning curve for me and I’ve really enjoyed it.

The affiliate marketing area is fascinating too and something I’ll explore more with izest, the company who developed the site with me.


I think an appointment with yourself is hugely important – take time out and have some alone time.


How do you motivate yourself on days when your energy levels are lower?

Thankfully I always have tonnes of energy and it appears three little boys will keep you on your toes and fairly fit. Every so often you need to take a day to just chill though. Just to catch up on life, do simple things and just breathe.


Anna Daly Weekend AM TV3


What’s the best bit of advice you have been given in your career?

The harder you work the luckier you get!

How do you relax & de-stress at the end of the day and during difficult periods?

I’ve been very relaxed on fitness of late but I’m going to get myself back to the gym. Running around after children is good for us all but I also think an appointment with yourself, like a yoga class or gym visit, is hugely important to take time out and have some alone time.

You tend to come home a bit more refreshed and more tolerant.

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