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Girl Geek Dinners in Dublin Tomorrow

Girl Geek Dinners is an informal meet up for women in technology which has hosted over 1,000 events across 38 countries since launching in 2005.  Tomorrows meet-up in Dublin will hear from Margaret E. Ward about the importance of personal storytelling – how to communicate up the management chain to best serve your career. Ireland Chapter Organiser, Christina Lynch, gives us all the details.

What are Girl Geek Dinners and how did they come about?

Girl Geek Dinners started in London by Sarah Lamb, who realized how under-represented women were at information technology events after attending a Geek Dinner in 2005. I took over the Irish branch in 2012.


How often do they happen and who should attend?

We aim to hold an event every month on a wide variety of topics. The events are open to anyone working or just interested in technology and I give a lot of time and thought to the topics covered to make sure that everyone feels welcome and that they have learned something new.


What can people expect from the events?

The event topics vary from soft skills (personal brand, or storytelling like our next event) to an introduction to some technical areas like big data so that people can understand the buzz words. We also cover a lot of career stories so people can hear about other people’s paths, and learn from them, and have a role model to follow in the footsteps of.

The main part of the event is the networking piece where we get a chance to talk to each other and enjoy some good food and meet people that we may not get to meet in our ​​usual day to day. The events are really laid back and we love giving our members a chance to talk at events – they are a great chance to hone your presentations skills in a really friendly and encouraging environment.


The title of tomorrows event is Storytelling for Business – what will be covered at tomorrows meet up?

When working in a technical role or in any company, being able to share what you are working on with your managers and higher up the chain is so important. Every time you talk to someone, they are all looking for different information from your words so being able to tailor what you are saying is so important to engage successfully with that person. Margaret E. Ward is an incredible speaker and we are so lucky that she’s coming along to advise on what we should be doing in this interactive session.


How can people get involved?

The events are free for everyone to attend, thanks to our fantastic sponsors, so if you join the meetup page you’ll get notifications of our upcoming events. All you need to do is register and come along!


Ireland Girl Geek Dinners

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Girl Geek Dinners are a chance for ladies in technology to get together, enjoy some nice food and drinks, and have fun meeting other women in their field. This may be a Girl G…

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