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2018 Women’s Empowerment Summit Line-Up Announced


Deirdre O’ Kane, Bibi Baskin and Yemi Adenuga will impart their words of wisdom at the 2018 Women’s Empowerment Summit on May 12th.

The event, set up by Donna Kennedy, best-selling author, psychologist, business and life coach, aims to give attendees ‘clarity and focus towards achieving their goals’.
Donna speaks to The Daily Slog about what you can expect from this years event, and why she handpicked each inspirational speaker for walking – not talking –  the talk.


What can attendees expect from the event this year?

The Women’s Empowerment Summit was established to empower women in a real way, not just to inspire or motivate or entertain. If we are to become empowered, essentially to get results, we must learn from people who are walking their talk, people who are already empowered and getting the results we want.

It is my obligation and passion to give attendees information that works in real life, not just in theory, and that will get them results. I am in the event/seminar industry long enough to know that just because a speaker is on stage does not mean that they truly know what they are talking about or that they have the results they are trying to teach. As such, I feel that I am morally bound to only put people on stage who are living and breathing what they are teaching.


Authenticity is the only way to get long lasting results, in my experience.


Authenticity is the only way to get long lasting results, in my experience. When we learn from authentic leaders we cannot help but take on strategies that will make that happen. It is for this reason that I choose speakers carefully. They are teaching information, strategies, tools and tips that are relevant to women and are for what we want and need.


What can attendees expect from your own talk on the day?

I will speak about mindset and using your brain for change. I will teach attendees how to use their brain to get results, to become happier, more productive and empowered. My work has been published in psychological journals so what I teach has been proven to work thousands of times but even more important than that, I have lived in hell and come back from it. They will learn more about that at the event but I will show attendees that no matter that they are going through, there is a solution. I will show them exactly what to do to get what they want.



Deirdre O’Kane (IFTA Award winning actress and comedian)

Deirdre O Kane

I chose Deirdre because of what she stands for. She believes in empowering women but importantly she has guts. On the topic of confidence, can you imagine getting up in front of hundreds of people all there to support you? That frightens most people, right? Now imagine getting up on stage in front of people you don’t know, people who are waiting to judge you, and hoping they think you are funny? That takes guts!

To stand in front of judgment with dignity and strength, doing one of the hardest stage tasks and making a success of it. That is a type of confidence that all women could do with. We need to believe in our unique selves and feel good about ourselves as we are, to celebrate that. Deidre also played the lead role of my friend, Christina Noble, in a movie called Noble. Her ability to do that told me straight away that this woman is the real deal. There is a huge amount we can learn from her.



Bibi Baskin (Broadcaster and Hotelier)

Bibi Baskin

Bibi was the first woman to have her own TV show in Ireland. She is brave. She broke ground and has continued to since. She even opened a hotel in India. Bibi has learned from leaders in so many areas and as a result she has a unique perspective. She will teach attendees at this event how to embrace change and how to be on a path of purpose and fulfillment. She is amazing!


Yemi Adenuga (bestselling author and relationship expert)

Yemi Adenuga

On the one hand Yemi, a mother, sits on her couch with her family watching TV as part of the hit TV show Gogglebox, on the other she is a massive ball of energy, a power house of a woman with a huge heart. She was born into a family of 21 children with the expectation that she would fit an assigned role. Yemi is another example of someone who breaks the mould.

At this event she will be talking about relationships and the importance of having good relationships with the people around you. She is part of practically every organisation you can think of, founder of several organisations, and even had a number 1 hit TV show in her country of origin. When it comes to leadership and empowerment attendees will learn so much from her.


Joanne Byrne (Presence PR)

Joanne Byrne

Many women have said to me that they find it so difficult, especially in business, to get their name out there. Joanne is the agent for the majority of the top names, shows and companies in Ireland- everyone from the Ireland’s Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars presenters, Westlife members etc to companies such as Haagen-Dazs Lindt, Aldi, Monsoon, Bagel Factory, and more. She is THE woman to learn from when it comes to PR and communication.


Clara Halpin 

Clara Halpin

Clara is from ARNOTTS, the event sponsor. She is the leading fashion stylist and features on many well known shows. So many women have said to me privately that they have body issues, everything from shape to size. Clara will teach attendees how to truly embrace and love your body no matter what type you have. This will be a fun but very important slot.


Tracy McCann (bestselling author)

Tracey was a “normal” functioning child but at 8 years of age she lost her voice through rapid onset dystonia. To this day she has no verbal voice and uses for the most part a computer to speak. She has been through many ups and downs within the past 20 years but has always been determined not to give in to people’s expectations of what she can or cannot do but to defy those expectations. She released a book which reached number 1 within the first 48 hours of its release on Amazon.You will be amazed by this ladies resilience and ability to go after what she wants.


Martina Finnerty

Martina Finnerty PhD, MA CBT, BSc Hons (Biochem), developed the “The Power of KNOWING” series of courses, to “wake people up to the phenomenal power within; the power within each and every one, to heal, to overcome and to excel”. As she says: “it is inevitable, once we learn, the skilled use of the most important tool we will ever have; i.e., our MIND! Most people know more about how to work their phone, than their own Mind!!!”.

Humorous, direct & renowned for her simple model of MIND; she demystifies the essentials in am empowering manner. Like many, who lead in their field, Martina’s journey began out of necessity; i.e., her recovery from severe PTSD, Severe Depression and Acute/Chronic pain after a serious accident in her 20’s. This is now strengthened, with her vast experience empowering 1000’s of client’s over years of clinical practice. Martina has a PhD through research in the sciences, a Masters in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Diplomas in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Counselling and Psychotherapy.


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