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Your Most Read Articles 2018


The People.

Caoimhe Anglin, Everyday Stories.

Caoimhe Anglin Everyday Stories Lou Hicks

The standout event of 2018 was the repeal of the 8th Amendment of the Constitution, legalising abortion in Ireland. The Daily Slog highlighted the stories of some of the key activists who fought to have the amendment removed, but one story that’s stood out was that of Caoimhe Anglin.

By publicly sharing her own story of travelling to the U.K. for an abortion, Caoimhe encouraged other women to open up about their own experiences through an illustration and audio project, Everyday Stories. 

Here’s Caoimhe’s story.

Carla Rose Mc Quillan, The Space

Carla Rose Mc Quillan The Space

Group meditations and taking the time to individually motivate each team member every morning, Carla Rose Mc Quillan hit a note with readers through her innovative approach to people management. Here’s a master class in growing a small business through careful nurturing of your most important asset – your staff. 

A Day in the Career of… Carla Rose Mc Quillan, The Space

Aoife Martin, Mastercard, on her gender transition journey. 

Aoife Martin Transgender policy in the workplace

“I looked upon it as something that I had to do. Another step in the journey towards being me. Yes, it was nerve-wracking but it was also liberating to finally be able to be myself and to be out as a trans woman.”

Here’s Aoife’s story.

The Issues.

Putting your ‘work face’ on when…

Domestic Abuse

In a series of articles this year, we heard from women who continue to get up each day and ‘put their work face on’ while facing unimaginable hardships in their private lives.

From dealing with a leukemia diagnosis for your infant son, to chronic illness, to domestic abuse, the stories of everyday bravery and courage struck a chord with readers.

Putting your ‘work face’ on when you are experiencing domestic abuse 

Working Mum Guilt

Working mum guilt

“It happens the first time we sense our parenting choices are being judged. I’ve never felt so defensive as I did when I had my first child. I was woefully unprepared for the reality of being a parent and overly-sensitive to the slightest possibility that I was somehow doing it wrong and thus failing my child.”

Taryn de Vere on how she learned to silence her inner critic

The Advice.

career clinic

From facial blushing to irate bosses to passive aggressive colleagues, we got the view of Ireland’s leading career and executive coaches on how to overcome the hurdles and learn to thrive in our careers.

Here’s some of the best from this years Career Clinic.

Susan Manning on banishing imposter syndrome –

Embrace the fact that you got to where you are because of who you are and your accomplishments are proof of that”

Barbra Nugent on learning to speak up –

I perceived others to be more knowledgeable, more experienced – I’d probably say something stupid, show myself up…”

Caroline Foran on the fear of failure – 

Women are less likely to put themselves in a scenario where failure could happen until they know they are fully equipped to handle it

Ines Kretschmer on ‘actioning’ your way through a midlife career crisis –

Sometimes you might have to take a step back to make two steps forward, but that is ok too – as long as you are going into the right direction”

Wishing you a relaxing break and a successful new year, 

The Daily Slog

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